SAFINA, a.s. presented its production in the US at the Society of Vacuum Coaters conference on vacuum coating

Vacuum coating uses high vacuum to deposit very thin metal layers on the base material. This technology is used e.g. to deposit reflective layer on car reflectors, conducting layer on various electrotechnic components and decorative metal layers on sanitary ware and adornments. It is widely used to deposit precious and non-ferrous metals on architectural float-glass which gains new properties such as thermal insulating.

The SVC TechCon meeting, organized by the international association Society of Vacuum Coaters (SVC), is focused on new vacuum coating technologies. It was attended by representatives of manufacturers, suppliers, customers, researchers, students and top managers in enterprises and organizations of the vacuum coating industry. This year’s exposition was filled with over 150 companies that supply equipment and targets for coating of various materials.
This year, Safina presented its innovative sputtering targets from precious metals at the conference. The professional public expressed the most intensive interest in rotatable targets for metals sputtering onto flat glass. These targets are produced by Safina in the Czech Republic using the patented cold-spray technology that facilitate the use of silver and other precious metals powders to produce targets. Due to this procedure, it is possible to achieve a uniform and very fine material structure with very low oxygen content. Used targets can be refilled by this technology which brings significant savings to customers,” says Petr Koutský, CEO of Safina.
Further, Safina presented at the US conference similar platinum, gold and palladium targets for optical, medical and other applications. One example is the production of optical data discs such as CDs and DVDs. Even higher demands on the purity and quality of sputtering targets poses the production of semiconductors that is nowadays the branch with the highest consumption of sputtering materials

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