Precious/Non-precious Powders

Precious/Non-precious Powders

SAFINA offers a wide range of metal powders for different types of additive manufacturing based on the highly turbulent market. We use the whole spectrum of manufacturing methods including gas atomizing or hydrometallurgical processes.  We are focusing on customized production according to manufacturing methods and demands of customers. We also produce newly developed coated metallic powders (core-shell technology). The coated powders are made by hydrometallurgy, also we are developing powders coated by PVD (physical vapor deposition). Our competitive advantages are flexible production, short delivery time, and tailor made powders for customer samplings and trials.

We produce powders by gas atomization and chemical precipitation.  Spherical and dendritic powders are produced by our proprietary thermal and chemical processes.  

Gas atomized copper, silver and sterling silver (AgCu935) powders for powder metallurgical applications are used in various industries including metal injection molding (MIM), 3D printing, and cold spray processes.  

Precious/Non-precious Powders

Atomized Powders

  • Atomized Copper (Cu) powders – atomized copper powder (purity 99,95 %) has high flowability, electrical conductivity, minimal amounts of satellites and very low oxygen content. Wide spectrum of copper alloys can be produced.  Copper powder is typically used for flame spray, arc spray, metal injection molding (MIM) and more.  
  • Atomized Silver (Ag) powders – highly pure (4N) silver powder and its alloys with very good flowability and extremely low oxygen content are produced  by our gas atomizers.  All forms have consistent spherical shape.  Silver powder is typically used for flame spray, arc spray, metal injection molding (MIM), silver contact materials, carbon brushes, diamond cutting tools, conductive adhesives and paints and 3D printing.  
  • Gold (Au) and Platinum group metal (PGM) powders -  We can offer special powders from gold (Au), palladium (Pd) and platinum (Pt) for different fields of additive manufacturing. Of course, we are also able to process wastes from your precious metal powder production.

Chemically precipitated powders

  • Silver powders – prepared by reduction from silver nitrate solution in a large range of particle sizes with dendritic shape. We are able to modify powder properties (e.g. particle size distribution, apparent density, tap density, flowability) to meet particular customer requirements. The powders are commonly used in the fields of sintered contacts, carbon brushes, EMI/RFI shielding, and many others.
  • Gold, palladium, platinum powders – purity of these powders is 99.95 % or higher, powder parameters can be modified according to customer requests.

Coated powders

These powders are prepared by an electrodeless wet chemical coating process. Powders of different materials (e.g. Cu, Al, SiO2) and shapes (e.g. spherical, flakes, dendritic) coated by silver are commonly used to save costs and to keep their electrical and thermal conductivity at the level comparable with pure silver. We can offer for instance silver coated copper (Ag/Cu) and glass (Ag/SiO2), and we continue to work further on development of other coated powders for our customers (e.g. Ag/Al).  

Please, do not hesitate and contact us, we are looking forward to developing new products for our customers. We are happy to send you a testing sample of our products.     




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