Thermocouple wires, PGM wires

Thermocouple wires, PGM wires

The manufacture of thermocouple wires and thermocouples demonstrates the technological advancement of the company and is an important element in the production program. Every batch of material made is tested at an accredited calibration laboratory and provided with a quality certificate. The values achieved in measurement are compared with standards that follow on from international standards as a matter.

Thermocouple wires, PGM wires

Platinum Rhodium

SAFINA MATERIALS is a renowned manufacturer of platinum/rhodium (Pt/Rh) thermocouple wire, with production running for over a half century. An extraordinary emphasis is placed on accuracy and the reliability of these platinum wires during the manufacturing and calibration process. Each manufactured batch is tested and provided with calibration data and a quality certificate.

Types R, S, and B

Specializing in Types R, S, and B platinum thermocouple wires, SAFINA MATERIALS offers these wire types in a wide range of diameters in special limits (reference) and standard grade. All batches of finished diameter platinum thermocouple wire are calibrated in our calibration laboratory utilizing international reference standards that are traceable to NIST and in compliance with IEC requirements.

Thermocouple Wire Quality Control

Fixed point calibration services are provided and are accredited according to ČSN EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005. SAFINA thermocouple wire is produced in compliance with ASTM E220-07a and ASTM E230/E230M and the standard ČSN EN 60584 – 1ed2). ČSN EN 60584 – 1ed2) stems from the international temperature range ITS-90 and complies with the temperature limits defined in ČSN EN 60584 – 1ed2). All thermocouple wire calibration results and data are traceable to ČMI.

The fixed point calibration system uses the following reference materials: Zn (419.527 ⁰ C), Al (660.323 ⁰ C), Au (1064.18 ⁰ C) and Pd (1553.5 ⁰ C) on three samples with a diameter of 0,50 mm taken from the beginning, middle and end of the batch produced.

Wire diameter is uniform and within limits of +/- 0,005 mm (0,0002”). All wire is annealed, cleaned, and checked to assure uniform surfaces that promote long wire life and performance.

Types R, S, and B platinum thermocouple wire can be calibrated as individual legs or matched pairs using our best in class fixed point calibration system. Special customer requirements including tensile strength and elongation test results can be supplied upon request.

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and ISO 14001:2004 certified.

Only materials of extremely high purity are used for the manufacturing of thermocouples. Any contamination or mis-handling can have a significant detrimental impact on the accuracy of thermocouple measurements.

Selection of an optimal type of thermocouple depends on the application temperature, atmosphere, accuracy, sensitivity, and required operating life. Several factors must be taken into account:

  • Contamination with Lubricants and Organic Substances. Organic substances are decomposed by heat and create a reducing atmosphere. All of our wire is cleaned thoroughly prior to shipment.
  • Contamination by Chemical Vapors. Vapors of metals and other substances can condense on the surface of thermocouples in cases where bare thermocouples are used. The substances diffuse under high temperatures into the surface of thermocouple wires decreasing accuracy.
  • Reducing Atmospheres. Platinum atomization occurs in reducing atmospheres, which decreases the operating life and accuracy of thermocouples.
  • Long-term Usage. Even with all best practices considered, a gradual decrease of the thermoelectric voltage occurs in thermocouples (type S and R) exposed to high temperatures on an extended basis. This is caused by diffusion of rhodium into the platinum leg. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is natural and cannot be fully prevented, therefore thermocouples must be regularly checked and replaced.

Other Services Offered

  • Technical support is available as well as analytical and calibration lab services to customers seeking technical assistance. SAFINA MATERIALS can assist you with your thermocouple needs and concerns.
  • SAFINA MATERIALS also offers thermocouple wire stocking programs to ensure that you have material when you need it.
  • Scrap thermocouple wire can be sent back to SAFINA MATERIALS to be recycled. Recovered materials can be credited to a pool account for future use in manufacturing of new product, or purchased outright. Please see our section on refining for more information.

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