Rhodium flashing services

Rhodium flashing services

Rhodium plating

Rhodium plating of Jewellery is the process that ensure your gold & silver jewellery looks it's best. Rhodium plating coats metals such as white gold to give it a brighter silver coloured finish, it can also be used to plate silver to provide tarnish resistence.

It is crucial for the jewellery to be clean before it is plated and with rhodium plating very great care must be exercised to ensure thorough cleaning, or poor adhesion of the deposit may result. Prior to plating, the item of jewellery is dipped for several  seconds in cleaning fluid. The item is then dipped into the plating bath solution where the concentration of rhodium, temperature and density may be varied.

Rhodium flashing services

Rhodium plating and other surface treatments
We deliver the total solution to satisfy your surface finishing requirements.

Safina Materials is not only manufacturer of Rhodium Bath Plating Solution, but also  oprovides full range of recycling Services. We are able to recycle used Rhodium Bath Plating Solution, Rhodium cut fragments and other equipment. Recovered Rhodium can be used to produce new Rhodium Bath Plating Solution or deposited on Metal Account for other usage.

Recycling conditions are tailor-made  with regards to the amount of recycled material.