Platinum coating

Platinum coating

SAFINA MATERIALS is a well-established producer of protecting Platinum metal coatings on ceramic substrates. Our company develops this assortment with respect to customers´ demands and efficient and economical protection of ceramic parts of glass aggregates as an alternative to product made entirely from precious metals and clad products.

Platinum coating

Thermal Sprayed Ceramics

The technology of platinum coating enables the application of pure and alloyed metal layers on to ceramics according to the customer’s request. Effective thicknesses from 0,2 mm for standard metal coating up to 0,3 mm or more can be applied for extremely exposed components or parts of components. Metal coating can also be applied locally according to customer’s drawing documentation to maximize efficiency and use of Precious Metals.


SAFINA MATERIALS is a traditional manufacturer of precious metal products with over 150 years of experience. SAFINA MATERIALS manufactures its own feedstock. SAFINA MATERIALS possesses advanced expertise in thermal spraying of precious metals and focuses on continuous development of its own proprietary spraying technology to offer the most advanced products available.


Platinum coated partitions and blocks prolong production periods of the aggregate and eliminate deterioration of the structure of the materials in the most exposed parts of the furnace. Prolonged service life significantly reduces interruptions in production that arise from frequent replacements, thus improving cost and production uptime. Other possibilities for platinum coating include application on devices that are exposed to a combination of aggressive conditions during melting and processing – i.e. bubble jets and stones, melting pots for melting aggressive glass, and more. This improvement leads to a significant increase in quality of production and prolonged service life of the entire aggregate.

While not quite as robust as Pt alloy thimbles, Pt coated ceramic thimbles, or thermowells, are an alternative intended to reduce the precious metal content and thus the cost of the thermocouple protection tubes.

Typical Industrial Applications for Platinum Coated Articles:

  • Glass industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Sensor industry – thermocouples

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