Platinum Labware

Platinum Labware

We manufacture our own platinum crucibles with 99.99% platinum and Pt alloys including Pt/Rh and Pt/Au, and other platinum labware made from precious metals. Our platinum crucible products and platinum labware are designed for demanding applications in the fields of analytical and chemical research. Platinum and its alloys are often preferred due to their high melting point and resistance to corrosion, acids, and oxidation. Our precious metal labware is available in platinum, gold, silver, iridium, and platinum-group alloys.

Our platinum crucibles and other platinum labware are available in many sizes, and they can be returned for recycling and metal credit to be applied to replacement Pt crucibles.

Platinum Labware

Metals and Alloys

  • Platinum (Pt)
  • Platinum/Gold (Pt/Au)
  • Platinum/Iridium (Pt/Ir)
  • Platinum/Rhodium (Pt/Rh)
  • Gold (Au)
  • Silver (Ag)

Applicable Industries

  • Mining and refining
  • Metallurgy
  • Automotive
  • Petroleum engineering
  • Glass and ceramic production
  • Chemical research
  • Powder production
  • Electrical chemistry

Crucibles and Labware

Platinum Crucible Applications

  • Growth of single crystals using the Czochralski or Brigman-Stockbarger process – platinum or Iridium crucibles.
  • Chemical and analytical procedures in fluoride and sulphate systems for resolution of oxides, fluorides, carbonates, phosphates, borides, silicates, and other compounds.
  • Sampling of silicate rocks, minerals, ores of titanium, niobium, tantalum, zirconium, manganese, chrome, and other minerals and industrial materials – platium or platinum/gold (Pt/Au5%).
  • Evaporating and concentrating process of samples of natural waters, processing mediums, mineral acids, and recrystallization of chemical reagents.
  • Definition of organic and biological materials, soils, and other ash contents – platinum or platinum/rhodium (Pt/Rh10) for higher hardness and temperature strength.

Platinum Micro Crucibles for Thermal Analysis
Micro crucibles are used in applications including mining industry to certify samples via ICP-ES and ICP-MS techniques. We offer deep-drawn platinum micro crucibles in various sizes. Platinum micro crucibles can be used in place of alumina oxide crucibles (Al2O3) to provide a higher melting point, better thermal conductivity and repeated use at reduced costs.

Phoenix Ring Crucibles for XRF
Platinum/gold (Pt/Au5%) Phoenix ring crucibles for glass fusion for XRF sample analysis including Phoenix gas fusion machines. This alloy provides higher strength and is non-wetting for easier removal of samples.

Optional Platinum and Iridium Crucible Features

  • Iridium crucibles for single crystal growth at temperatures up to 2300C, usually for optics crystal growth.
  • Welded flat bottom, solid-drawn bottom, and seamless designs
  • Platinum crucibles with reinforced rims and tapered walls
  • “Dispersion-strengthened” platinum crucibles for increased lifetime and strength at high temperatures

Other Precious Metal Services

  • Technical support and analytical laboratory services
  • Scrap metal recovery services including pool account and precious metal management programs
  • Precious metal refining services

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