SAFINA MATERIALS is the trading and technological leader in the field of precious metals processing and recycling and the qualified supplier of precious metals products for clients worldwide.

One of the field of precious metal chemicals ale catalytic compounds based on precious metals like silver, palladium, platinum and others.

All these catalysts are able for usage in many fields and industries around the World, but the most frequented field for precious metal catalysts usage is organic chemistry.



Our portfolio of precious metal catalysts consists of many chemicals, but the most important are palladium or platinum immobilized on active carbonium. Mainly usage of these two catalysts and their derivates are various kind of hydrogenation processes.

SAFINA MATERIALS also provides specific modifications or development of new types of catalysts for different types of usage. SAFINA MATERIALS is able to offer to their customers comprehensive service from development new type of catalysts thru production of the catalysts, to recycling the spend catalysts and production of the new catalysts from the refined precious metal.


Silver oxide – Ag2O

Palladium on active carbonium - Pd/C – 3%, 5%, 10%

Platinum on active carbonium - Pt/C – 3%, 5%, 10%