SAFINA, a.s. visited by the Russian Trade Representation in Czech Republic

On May 3, 2017 the Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in the Czech Republic Sergei Stupar and members of the RF Trade Representation in the CR visited the SAFINA, a.s. 

During the visit, the delegation took a view of the workshops of the company and held a meeting with the company’s management. The meeting was attended by General Director of JSC EZOCM (base enterprise of the Group Plaurum) Denis Borovkov, General Director of Safina Petr Koutsky, Financial Director Ivo Pitrman, Production Director Daniel Cerveny, Deputy Production Director David Jirku and Advisor to the General Director Vadim Kartavtsev. The meeting was also attended by the leading specialist of the economic department of the RF Trade Representation in the CR Dmitry Artemyev and Deputy Chairman of the Russian-Czech Joint Chamber of Commerce Natallia Sudlenkova.

Denis Borovkov presented to the Trade Representation delegation the history and activities of the Group Plaurum as a whole and its enterprises. He noted that about 1000 employees work in the group and the production is exported to more than 50 countries. In total the group fabricates more than 300 000 kinds of products made of more than 200 000 various alloys.

Denis Borovkov devoted particular attention to the activities of Safina. "Just a few days ago the Safina plant for the first time in its history received an invitation to be included in the register of Conflict-Free Smelter Program. This is a special program, which unites more than 350 enterprises all over the world. The receipt of this certificate will confirm that the company is responsible for its products and suppliers," Denis Borovkov said.

Denis Borovkov stressed that, thanks to the support of the Base Company, in 2016 the Safina plant introduced a unique technology for the refining of platinum group metals, including platinum and palladium.

"We have seen a perfect modern enterprise with an excellent management, which turns out high-tech products. It is very important that the joining of the Safina plant with the Plaurum group provides a mutual synergetic effect and helps the group companies from Russia, the Czech Republic and other countries to work more effectively on the world market," Sergei Stupar noted.

For information:
Safina a.s. is one of the leaders in Central and Eastern Europe in the production of precious metals. The key activities of the company are purchase of materials and any kinds of raw materials containing precious and non-ferrous metals, their processing and production of a wide range of products with gold, silver and platinum group metals. Currently, the company is expanding its presence in the European market, as well as successfully developing its trading activities in the Russian Federation, North America and Asia.

Group Plaurum unites the production sites in Russia (JSC EZOCM, OAO UZCHR, LLC UZCHP), Central Europe (Safina a.s.), the US (Safina Materials), China (Yantai Guodasafina High-tech Environmental Refinery CO., Ltd.), as well as trade offices in the United States, Slovakia, Poland, Romania and Kyrgyzstan. The main trends in the development of the group is the processing of mineral raw materials containing precious metals and recycled precious metals, provision of services for acquisition, processing, refining and supplies of precious metals as well as production of industrial materials and products from alloys of precious metals. The group develops new technologies and products, analyzes various kinds of raw materials and materials containing precious metals, works out its competences and range of services in the field of non-ferrous and rare earth metals.

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