Iridium Crucibles, Wire and Targets

Iridium Crucibles, Wire and Targets

Iridium (Ir) and platinum-iridium (Pt/Ir) alloy products are available for applications requiring high resistance to corrosion and compatibility with high temperatures. Platinum-iridium alloys in the form of wire, sheet and cut tube are used for medical device products, spark plugs, and other applications.  

A metal with one of the highest densities, Iridium is well-known for its resistance to acids and is compatible with temperatures as high as 2300°C. Iridium wire is one of the most difficult products to produce, and we are a leading supplier of pure iridium wire for special applications in various industries.

Our iridium production process uses electron-beam remelting and high-vacuum furnace processes to eliminate oxide inclusions. Fine pyroprocessing and purification removes impurities to < 100 ppm. We provide 99.9% and 99.99% purity for all iridium products.

Iridium Targets and Iridium Discs

  • 99.9% and 99.97% purity, diameters from 2-6 mm and thickness from 0.125-0.5 mm
  • Iridium sputtering targets for x-ray optics coatings
  • Technical support and analytical laboratory services are available
  • Applications: Iridium discs for oncological diseases equipment, semiconductor sputtering targets
Iridium Crucibles, Wire and Targets

Iridium Crucibles

  • 99.9% standard purity or optional 99.99% purity
  • Cylindrical or conical shapes with wall thicknesses according to specifications
  • Choice of welded, solid-drawn bottom and seamless iridium (Ir) crucibles
  • Custom sizes for large oxide single crystal growth processes
  • Refining and supply of new iridium crucibles with fast turnaround time
  • Applications: single crystal growth may require iridium crucibles for electronics and laser applications, scientific research with aggressive high temperatures oxide materials

Iridium Wire

  • 99.9% purity or higher, also available as iridium alloys.
  • Monocrystalline form provides purity < 100 ppm.
  • Iridium (Ir) wire diameters as small as 60 μ and foil thickness of 10 μ.
  • Applications: spark plugs, high temperature transducers.
Iridium Wire Wire Diameter
Iridium 0.0024” – 0.236” (0.06 – 6.0 mm)
Iridium-Rhodium Alloy (Ir/Rh10) 0.008” – 0.028” (0.2 – 0.7 mm)
Platinum-Iridium Alloy (Pt/Ir10,Pt/Ir20) 0.0017” – 0.236” (0.045 – 6.0 mm)

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